Street Style Fashion Tips

Dressing up casually does not have to mean throwing on whatever you can find in your room, and throwing style out the window. You can hit up the streets in comfortable fashion, bringing confidence with you wherever you go.

If you’re still trying to find the right way to wear street fashion, here are some simple and easy tips you can follow.

Go Big, Be Brave: Upsize

One of the reasons why street style looks so comfy is because of the incorporation of oversized or baggy elements. If you used to hide your sweatshirts all the way at the back of your drawers, you’d want to take them out to the front now.

Loose garments have become an important facet of streetwear by embodying comfort. Worn in street style, wearing baggy clothes need not look like you’re drowning in them. In fact, it makes for an even more exciting time to play with proportions. A little tuck at the belt or a subtle fold on the sleeve can already complete the full street effect.

No Sneaking Around with Sneakers

Wanna look at the street? Then get ready to invest in sneakers. Footwear is one of the highlights of street fashion; it can make or break your getup. The good thing is that sneakers are naturally easy to have fun with, so you definitely can get a pair that suits your playful character.

That said, keep in mind that you need to clean your precious sneakers as regularly as possible. This is so that it doesn’t become discolored or lose its form. Especially if you dropped some major dollars for that pair, you have all the more reason to keep it in pristine condition.

Whether they’re casual kicks or fancy boots, you shouldn’t have any problems upgrading your look even farther.


Instead of blinging it up with large, sparkly chain necklaces, you can instead go for other pieces that can complete the look of your outfit. Hats or caps, for example, make for an easy addition to your ensemble.

Unique jackets, statement shirts, and funky eyewear should all help boost your coolness factor with street wear.

Wear Confidence

It can be argued that the most crucial element to street style, more than the clothing, is the attitude that comes with it. Being street is not only about what you wear, but also how you wear them. So don’t forget to walk with confidence as you walk down the street wearing your street fashion.

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