Music Event

DJ VS Live Music for an Event

When planning an event, music plays an important role. Beyond deciding what type of music to play that suits the event and the crowd, you need to decide between a DJ and live music performers. Though a DJ can provide several benefits, live music can take it a bit further with the following features.

Interactive Element

There’s no doubt that a DJ who can bring great music and a lot of bass can get a party going, but there is something a bit different about a live music event. A DJ can take steps to get the crowd involved, but they are limited to what they can do behind their booth.

A live music group, however, can move around and get the party much more involved. This involvement makes the event more memorable and more enjoyable.

Unique Experience

It’s great when a DJ plays your favorite song, and they have some great songs in their catalogs to feel the air. However, is there only so many times you can hear “Cha-Cha Slide,” “Turn Down for What,” “Yeah!,” and “Moves Like Jagger” before all parties start looking the same?

A live music event, on the other hand, offers a different variety. You might hear songs you are familiar with, of course. You’ll likely also hear songs you’ve never heard before, providing a much more unique experience for you and your guests.


Live performances allow you to do more than hear the music. You can also feel it. The music is somewhat electrifying, and you can feel the beat and the energy of the performers. It’s a level of energy that doesn’t come across as well on a recording.

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